How to Get a Bail Bond When Facing Domestic Violence Allegations

Being arrested for domestic violence can be extremely scary. In many cases, bail is set very high to ensure the safety of the alleged victim. This makes getting approved for and securing a bail bond more challenging. Here are some tips that may help when trying to get a bail bond for a domestic violence charge:

Understand the Factors Working Against You

Domestic violence is taken very seriously by the courts. Judges will consider the severity of the accusations, criminal history, previous restraining order violations, and flight risk when setting bail. Be prepared to have bail set high.

Speak Up at the Bail Hearing

While the alleged victim may argue against release, this is your chance to demonstrate why you are not a danger or flight risk if released. Highlight community ties, employment, and willingness to comply with protection orders.

Use a Reputable Bail Bonds Company

Shop around for a bail bonds company that is experienced handling domestic violence cases. They will know what mitigating factors the court considers when approving bail bonds for DV defendants. Their expertise improves your chances.

Offer Collateral

Offering meaningful collateral like property valued higher than the bond amount gives the bail bondsman assurance you will appear in court. The collateral is at risk if you violate release conditions.

Enlist a Cosigner

Ask a family member or friend with strong financials and no criminal history to cosign the bail bond agreement. Their assumption of liability provides additional incentive for you to comply.

Comply Fully with Conditions

Make sure to follow all rules and restrictions set including protective orders, curfews, drug testing requirements and GPS monitoring. Any violation means potential bond revocation.

Work Closely with Your Attorney

Your criminal defense attorney is a key ally in developing a release strategy, arguing for reasonable bail, and ensuring compliance. Lean on their expertise throughout the process.

Securing bail for domestic violence charges is an uphill battle, but utilizing these strategies gives you a fighting chance at pre-trial release. Commit to following all conditions so the court maintains confidence releasing you poses no additional risk.

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