How Bail Bondsmen and Attorneys Partner Up in Fort Worth

People arrested in Fort Worth often need both a criminal defense attorney and a bail bondsman. But how exactly do these two professionals work together to best serve their mutual client? When coordinated effectively, bondsmen and lawyers can be a powerful team.

While lawyers handle the legal strategy and defense in court, bondsmen secure release from jail through their bail expertise and relationships with the booking system. Each play to their strengths.

Information Sharing
With client consent, bondsmen share useful details about booking status, charges, and release processes to inform attorneys. Attorneys explain the legal context to bondsmen.

Release Planning
The lawyer provides information on the client’s reliability and community ties to help the bondsman assess flight risk and determine bail terms. Bondsmen then act quickly to post bail.

Court Date Reminders
Bondsmen remind clients of court dates and work with the lawyer to rearrange dates if reasonable grounds exist. This promotes compliance.

Support Network
Together, bondsmen and attorneys provide a complete support network of legal defense and support services to get clients released pre-trial and guide them through the court process.

By communicating and collaborating smoothly, bail bondsmen and lawyers develop optimal bail release strategies and give clients the best chance at positive case outcomes. The partnership pays off in Fort Worth.

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